Relax in the surroundings of majestic mountains, shiny streams and lush greenery. The blend of tradition and modernity that you will find in the architecture of the building, its momentum, space, well-kept surroundings and perfect harmony with the landscape give you a foretaste of the feeling of freedom you are looking for in the mountains. Subtle charm, bright and clean spaces, quality of service and inspiring atmosphere of this place will make you feel that this is your favorite place on earth.

Your elegant Villa

The pearl of the resort is the restored Villa Fabrykanta, where you will find 15 stylish rooms in classical style, 3 exclusive suites and Cotton Club with billiards and live music. This is a place for those who appreciate not only luxury and elegance, but also peace and tranquility. This is a zone where you can sew in and contemplate. The atmosphere of this place may absorb you to such an extent that you will listen to the melody of the past and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the former cotton factory forgetting about the surrounding world.

Your mineral SPA

The modern style of the Mineral SPA building is recommended to all those who value movement and activity. This is the real heart of the hotel, which has 39 spacious hotel rooms, two children's play rooms, swimming pool, sauna area, wellness zone, outdoor jacuzzi, Mineral SPA offices, tepidarium, gym and fitness room. It is a place for small and large explorers and untiring adventure seekers.

Your natural Amethyst

This modern standard building is recommended to all those who value nature, a vibrant palette of colours and space. The building has 31 colourful hotel rooms and a restaurant with an orangery and terrace. There are lovers of wild nature and relaxing sounds of nature. The Cascade of the Black Brook next to the building captivates everyday worries and helps to fall asleep calmly as possible.

Your business Wozownia

In the Wozownia building there are 8 comfortable rooms, 3 conference rooms with full equipment and the possibility of blackout and the conference lobby. It is a place for business meetings, knowledge transfer, internal integration and establishing new relationships with business partners.

Your free space

Let us take care of yourselves and trust our experience, which will help you quietly switch to the mode of slow life. Enjoy the intimacy, hospitality and safety of this place. Regenerate your strength to meet future challenges. Look for inner beauty and peace, which can be shared with others.

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